Crossminds and Symson join forces

Crossminds and Symson join forces to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the corporate strategy

Due to developments around COVID-19 and the digital transformation, the world is changing rapidly. This has a direct impact on customer behavior; how the customer buys, where the customer buys and what the customer buys. Because of the increasing amount of data, it is also possible to use this data to develop smart (machine learning) models that can predict customer behaviour.

The market increasingly asks for intelligent applications when it comes to anticipating fast changing customer behavior. Crossminds already recognizes this in several strategic implementations.
There was a need to broaden the proposition from both sides. It soon became clear that 1+1=3 comes into play here, and that parties with a joint proposition can offer a strategic service/solution to the market, with Symson providing the software solution and Crossminds the implementation/change management.

We have noticed that, when integrating SYMSON with our customers, it is not so much the technology that is decisive, but the processes and the organization. With Crossminds, we have found a good partner that can support the organization with a broader package“, according to Arian Oosthoek from SYMSON

The trick as a service provider is to add value for the customer, without creating a situation of dependency. The open and transparent way of working fits well with our approach. Symson’s primary focus is to achieve the best results for its clients with a Rotterdam-based, no-nonsense approach. That is what we like“, adds Michel van Dijk of Crossminds.



Crossminds specializes, among other things, in strategy and implementation. The emphasis in Crossminds lies mainly on the systematic implementation of processes and systems from the previously made strategic choices. We take the organization along in the process of change. We try to make organizations more beautiful, better and especially more valuable, every day. Your company and strategic goals are our focus.



Symson is a Rotterdam-based company active in the field of demand forecasting and pricing. Symson stands for Smart Yield Management Software. They bring scientific knowledge, data science and software engineering together in an AI platform (SYMSON) that allows customers to respond quickly to dynamic customer behaviour. With this tool, companies can optimise their price and demand forecasting in the best possible way.



From now on we are able to offer a more comprehensive service in the field of strategy and implementation together with Symson. Because of the combined input and knowledge in different areas of expertise, we can achieve the best result to make companies ready for digitalization.

Crossminds and Symson have found a reliable partner in each other and we are confidently looking forward to the future. We will appear together more often in the coming period to keep you posted on the developments and results of our cooperation.




Michel van Dijk Crossminds
Michel van Dijk


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