Crossminds counsels shareholder of Kyotolease on sale to Zuid-West Lease

Crossminds counsels shareholder of Kyotolease on sale to Zuid-West Lease

Crossminds guided the shareholder of Kyotolease through the process of selling to a strategic party. This strategic party was found in Zuid-West Lease, as a part of automotions. Kyotolease will be a part of Zuid-West Lease but will retain its own name and identity.

Kyotolease was formed in 2005 as a leasing company with an explicitly green focus. It focuses its leasing activities specifically on the leasing and rental of cars powered by alternative fuels. Kyotolease was one of the frontrunners in this sector and can therefore rely on extensive experience in a relatively new market. Its sustainable character has been deeply implemented in the organization. As an example: the lease fleet is financed by a bank with a focus on sustainable business practices.

The transaction was driven by a strong increase in the market demand for sustainable mobility. To be able to continue fulfilling this demand and to make an increasing contribution to sustainable kilometres in a lease form, there has been decided to look for an acquisition candidate. At the request of the shareholder, Crossminds started looking for a suitable candidate. An important condition was the continuation of the green philosophy. With the takeover by Zuid-West Lease, Kyotolease can continue to exploit its potential growth and further increase its market share in green leasing.

The takeover of Kyotolease is strategic for Zuid-West Lease. With the acquisition, Zuid-West Lease is taking a major step in the growth segment of alternative-powered cars.


Crossminds advisors Pieter Poortvliet and Martijn Verhoeven supervised this sale process.


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