Crossminds assists the shareholders of Snijpunt with its sale to Harvest House

Crossminds assists the shareholders of Snijpunt with its sale to Harvest House

Harvest House and Snijpunt are both based in the municipality Westland in the Netherlands. They have reached an agreement for a full takeover of the shares of Snijpunt B.V. and its subsidiary ‘4-Process Trading BV’ (together known as Snijpunt) by the grower cooperative Harvest House.

Snijpunt specialises in the processing of vegetables into semi-finished products for vegetable cutting companies, caterers, food service suppliers and salad or meal producers. Crossminds assisted the shareholders of Snijpunt in the transaction.

In addition to guaranteed continuity in business operations, the collaboration for Snijpunt offers a better affiliation with the convenience market, more opportunities to develop and elaborate market concepts. Both parties believe that this step is an important opportunity to grow using their combined strength.


Marco Romein (Commercial Director Snijpunt):

“This conjunction is an important step for us. I am very pleased that Snijpunt is joining a fruit vegetable cooperative to which innovative growers are affiliated. This will give our customers more accessibility to the source and will ensure us that we have a high-quality product all year long, cultivated in according to the Dutch quality standards. We will also be more capable of responding to each specific need of our customers. Besides that, business will continue as usual. This means that nothing will change for the day to day business. Our plans for the expansion of the factory area will also continue unabated. Together with Mark van der Salm (Managing Director), supported by the rest of our team, I will confidently embrace this great challenge!


The takeover offers Harvest House one of the largest producer associations specializing in fruiting vegetables in the Netherlands. It is an opportunity to grow in the market for healthy convenience food products. By working together more intensively, the parties will be able to offer their customers products with a longer shelf life, a wider range and innovative concepts. This fits within the added value strategy of Harvest House. As a specialist in fruiting vegetables, Harvest House wants to achieve further growth by selling more processed and unprocessed products in both the retail and out-of-home markets. It wants to contribute to shortening the chain in both markets.


Jelte van Kammen (Managing Director Harvest House):

“We are very happy with this takeover. We have made the first step in the development of processed products from residual flows with Tomatoblend. This takeover gives us the opportunity to realize this for peppers as well. The knowledge and experience that Snijpunt brings us, enables us to develop faster in processed products. In this way we are responding to the increasing demand for healthy convenience products”.


The Crossminds team, that guided the shareholders Marco Romein and Bjørn van Holsteijn in this transaction, consisted of Pieter Poortvliet and Arjen van de Velde. During the process, they provided the information and coordination and conducted the negotiation talks. The due diligence process was also facilitated through the use of a virtual data room.


Pieter Poortvliet (Director Crossminds):

“Together we have realized a beautiful transaction. The no nonsense mentality of both sellers and buyers fitted in well with how we, at Crossminds, prefer to work. We involved specialists from our own organization for specific issues in order to be able to complete the transaction as well as possible. For example, accountants Theo Prins and Ronald Noordam and payroll administrator Hans Rook made an important contribution in the final phase”.


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