Crossminds guides the crossboarder deal between Pallas and P95

Crossminds guides the crossboarder deal between Pallas and P95

The Belgian vaccine controller P95 has taken over the Rotterdam company Pallas.  Crossminds guided P95 in this cross-border transaction.


P95 is a vaccine control company that provides services for research of diseases and the safety of vaccines. The company is active for over 10 years and has grown during this period to 50 employees. P95 can analyse existing studies as well as initiate primary studies on diseases and the (side) effects of vaccines.

It seems as if the world is full of biostatisticians and epidemiologists, because of the corona crisis, but nothing is less true. According to Thomas Verstraeten (CEO), specialists in the Belgium area are hard to find and they have found a good match in Pallas to continue the company’s growth.



Pallas health research and consultancy was founded by Judith van den Bosch. Pallas is a research and consultancy company specialised in (public) health, care and support in the area of biomedical sciences, health sciences, epidemiology, public health and healthcare. The company has 20 years of experience in this industry and consists of a team of 12 specialists.



P95 is experiencing strong growth. The revenue has been doubled in the period of 2019 – 2020. The expectation is that, with the takeover of Pallas, the turnover will grow with double figures in the next few years.



Crossminds advised P95 during the acquisition process and performed the due diligence.  Trough Crossminds involved in the supervision of this purchase process were: Pieter Poortvliet and Lars van Heeren. The due diligence was conducted in cooperation with specialists from DRV Accountants & Advisors (Melissa Schroevers, Ramon de Jong, Tom de Rijke and Werner van Zundert).


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