Crossminds guides the merger between Waterdrinker and Dutch Plant Proup, which is part of Dutch Flower Group.

Crossminds guides the merger between Waterdrinker and Dutch Plant Proup, which is part of Dutch Flower Group.

The companies will cooperate on a strategic level, using the name Dutch Plant Group. The joining of forces of these two companies will create one of the largest international trading companies in ornamental plant cultivation. The companies expect to benefit from the merger in terms of product innovation, digitization and making the supply chain more effective.

Waterdrinker is one of the largest global traders of house and garden plants, with a focus on product innovation and partnerships with growers and breeders. They supply large-scale retailers and florists on a daily basis with approximately 350 employees and an annual turnover of around €230 million euros.

OZ Planten operates in the Netherlands and other European countries, supplying wholesale companies, florist chains and large-scale retailers, including garden centers and DIY stores. Hamiplant focuses on supplying large-scale retailers, such as supermarket chains, garden centers and DIY stores, as well as the wholesale and trade sectors within Europe.

Dutch Flower Group is a family business specialized in the international trade of ornamental flowers and plants. It is the largest global ornamental plant trader with a turnover of €1.7 billion euros and more than three thousand employees. Van Zijverden (CEO of DFG) comments: ‘We foresee an above-average future in plants’. While sales of flowers will decrease by 8% this year due to the corona crisis, there is a considerable growth in plants.



The collaboration strengthens the innovative power within the floriculture industry. By sharing knowledge and the international network of breeders and plant breeders, the Dutch Plant Group wants to realize further development in product innovation, from breeding to end markets. Waterdrinker, OZ Planten and Hamiplant will continue to serve their individual customers from within their organizations, with the existing teams remaining unchanged. The opportunities presented by the collaboration, based on the enormous network of growers, will be used to offer a larger and more exclusive range of plants.



Crossminds guided Waterdrinker through the entire merger, from preparing the valuations, determining exchange ratios and the due diligence to transaction support. The due diligence investigation was conducted in collaboration with specialists from DRV Accountants & Advisors.

The following people were involved in the supervision of this merger:

  • Deal team: Martin de Jong and Lars van Heeren
  • Due diligence team: Pieter Poortvliet, Arjen van de Velde, Niels Meijer and Donna van der Ven.
  • From DRV Accountants & Advisors: Werner van Zundert (VAT), Rick Wiegmans and Tom de Rijke (Corporation tax), Tamara van Mourik (Wage tax), Melissa Schroevers (Personnel) and Ramon de Jong (Pension).
  • The merger was legally supervised in close consultation with Eric Spreij of Herik & Verhulst advocaten.

A merger is a complex process that requires the right knowledge and expertise. Crossminds assists in terms of mergers and acquisitions and frequently carries out due diligence investigations. In combination with DRV Accountants & Advisors, a broad expertise can be offered.



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