Crossminds supports the shareholders of BICSS with the sale to PearlPaint Group

Crossminds supports the shareholders of BICSS with the sale to PearlPaint Group

The companies will cooperate on a strategic level under the name Dutch Plant Group. This merger will create one of the largest international trading companies in ornamental plant cultivation. The companies expect to benefit from the merger in terms of product innovation, digitalisation and making the supply chain more efficient.


BICCS produces and delivers high-quality paint systems, coatings and colour pastes for the industry, industrial paint shops and  the construction and maintenance sectors using the brands BICCS and CoatRight.


PearlPaint Group

The PearlPaint Group develops, produces and delivers high-quality flowable and mouldable products for repair, protection, maintenance and cleaning and offers this under the brands Trae Lyx, Avis, Bleko, Bolivia, Bruud, De Parel and Rolith.

The PearlPaint Group is part of Citadel Enterprises. The group consists of a number of companies active in technique and industry. With its subsidiaries Lasaulec, Stertil Group, Stedall Vehicle Components and PearlPaint Group, Citadel Enterprises produces and supplies dock and lift products, tools, vehicle components, personal protective equipment, coatings and cleaners. This includes all related services.


BICCS and PearlPaint are not strangers to each other. Bierens Bichemie took over Walco Coatings in 1986, from which Bichemie Coatings was created and this became BICCS in 2002 . In 2003 Bichemie Coatings was sold to the PearlPaint Group. After more than seventeen years, Bichemie Coatings and BICCS have now come together in one company and this completes the circle.



Crossminds advised BICCS during the entire sales process. Marco du Pré and Lars van Heeren supervised this transaction.

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