''Building success together with commitment and passion.''

Ad de Korte

Interim manager

Ad de Korte has extensive experience as a board member in the banking sector. Later he became an owner in the business services sector. Ad worked as an interim director and consultant with various companies in reorganization processes. He also acted as a chairman and member of the board of directors and supervisory board. This strengthened his knowledge and experience of various industries as well as his knowledge of corporate governance and structure.

Ad’s strengths lies in his focus on results, directness, openness and drive. He is not afraid to work hard. Through his enthusiasm, Ad knows how to inspire colleagues and employees to achieve their goals, but he is also a down-to-earth individual.

His degree in HBO Business Administration was supplemented by many professional training courses in the financial sector. He also followed summer courses at Stanford University and the IMD Lausanne. A wonderful base to apply this knowledge practically. His knowledge was mainly used to make organizations function more efficiently and effectively with satisfied stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees and banks.

Ad comes from an entrepreneurial family. He has put entrepreneurship into practice as an executive.

”After years of contact with many entrepreneurs, I now want to use my knowledge and experience again. I will work on the results of your company, together with my colleagues at Crossminds.”