''Building success together with commitment and passion.''

Ad de Korte

Interim manager

Ad de Korte is an experienced executive and business owner with a background in the banking sector and corporate governance. He has worked as an interim director and advisor in various companies, particularly in the area of reorganization. He also has experience as a chairman and member of the board of directors and board of commissioners.

Ad is known for his result-oriented, direct, open, and driven approach. He likes to get his hands dirty and inspires colleagues and employees to achieve their goals. His education in Business Administration was supplemented by many specialized courses in the financial sector, including summer courses at Stanford University and the IMD Lausanne.

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Ad has practical experience in running a business. He aims to use his knowledge and experience to help organizations function more efficiently and effectively, with satisfied stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, and banks. Ad is now working with Crossminds to use his expertise to support the success of other businesses.