Arjen Treure


Since January 2023, Arjen has been working at Crossminds as a Corporate Finance analyst. He combines this with his studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business Economics and his master’s degree in International Economics, he hopes to complete his master’s degree in Accounting & Finance in the summer of 2023. He is now putting his acquired knowledge of financial and international markets into practice at Crossminds.

Growing up near Rotterdam, Arjen has adopted the Rotterdam work ethic from a young age. As a result, he enjoys working for a wide range of clients and projects at Crossminds. This gives him extra energy to roll up his sleeves and go the extra mile for the client every day.

In his free time, Arjen enjoys spending time on the football field, at De Kuip (stadium), or with friends in the city center of Rotterdam.