'Operational Excellence' is my leitmotiv.

Conja ter Bekke

Senior advisor/interim manager

Conja ter Bekke supports companies as a supervisor, director, (interim) manager or as consultant. She operates in the regular business (production and services)and the non-profit sector as well as at the interface of public/private. She has earned her stripes in more than 50 (national and international) organisations.

Conja has a background in business administration and specialises in Corporate Governance, Quality Management and Sustainable Business Practice. She has completed her education at Harvard University Boston and TIAS Tilburg.

She knows the business inside-out and can quickly adapt on a strategic, tactical and operational level. She can also quickly assess the importance of unexpected issues and control them. She has regularly faced challenges and has a high level of courage and determination. She is an inspiring and binding person, focuses on synergy between parties, common interests and relations and has a people-oriented and empathic approach. You can count on her!

Her strengths lie in optimising policies, strategic issues and organisational structure. She gives direction to complex organisational development issues, adjustment of organisational processes and management systems, team development and professionalisation. Her goal is to create long-term value in order to improve cooperation with stakeholders and optimise returns.

An organisation is formed by people. By also paying attention to the dynamics and mental strength of the organisation, which is determined by behaviour and culture (ethical conduct, teamwork, communication, motivation, involvement), customer satisfaction and reputation, she manages to successfully complete projects.

Conja carries out advisory missions in developing countries as a volunteer for PUM Netherlands, in her spare time, in order to help local entrepreneurs get back on track.