"Nothing is impossible"

Donna van der Ven


Donna van der Ven works as an analyst at Crossminds, where she performs tasks such as company valuations and due diligence investigations. After completing a work-study program at Crossminds during her studies, Donna joined the team full-time. She has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Law. She then furthered her studies with a Master’s degree in Financial Economics and a Master’s degree in Business Law. With her combined financial and legal background, Donna is able to approach assignments from different perspectives.

Donna found the variety offered by her different studies during her studies, and she also finds it at Crossminds. With a wide variety of projects in different sectors, no assignment is the same. Since joining Crossminds, Donna has gained experience in diverse projects. She is involved in the purchase and sale of companies, but also supports clients with financing needs. The variety in her work keeps Donna sharp, and she enthusiastically dedicates herself to the client every day.

In her spare time, Donna likes to clear her head in the gym. She truly relaxes in between tasks, preferably during an extensive dinner with friends or family.