'The magic of change occurs when you get a better grip together...'

Erwin Geutskens

Senior advisor/interim manager

Erwin Geutskens has an extensive hands-on experience in setting up and implementing strategic change and improvement programmes. As an interim manager, he tackles the issues that obstruct value and growth. He is all-round, creative and not easily fooled. Erwin positions himself between the people and does not avoid complex problems. He can see beyond issues, organises cooperation and generates trust and energy.

In recent years, Erwin has worked in the process and food industry, where he has solved problems in logistics and production. He is very adept at combining ICT, production and operational management. Having also worked in commercial positions, he is an ideal sounding board for all executives. He can make the optimal translation between the business strategy and the operational strategy. He is also a mediator between the different positions in an organisation. In his work, Erwin often uses visual techniques to create more overview and insight within a group.

Erwin studied Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. He became a project manager at IBM and then took a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Nyenrode Business University. After years of working in marketing and sales, he increasingly focused on innovation and change. He enjoys using his technical-commercial brain to seize opportunities in companies.

In his spare time, Erwin can be found in the woods on a running track or on his mountain bike. He also regularly plays a hockey match or referees one.