Hana Hodzic


Hana Hodzic is an enthusiastic analyst specialized in Due Diligence, business valuations, and mergers and acquisitions. Driven by her creativity, critical thinking skills, and love for the M&A industry, Hana always lends an ear to entrepreneurs. Her primary expertise, Due Diligence research, is based on various sectors and types of companies, both international and national. Since starting at Crossminds, she has expanded her technical knowledge by gaining experience in valuations and mergers and acquisitions.

After obtaining her BSc in Business Administration, she completed her MSc in Finance & Investments at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. “What excites me every time is that every deal is different. Each acquisition has its own story.”

The combination of analyzing numbers, expressing critical thinking skills, and showing empathy towards customers gives Hana energy. “That’s what makes my work so challenging and fun.”

In her free time, Hana enjoys reading books on various topics that interest her. She also spends a lot of time in nature, unless she’s traveling to a far-off land to complete one of her many bucket list items.