"Always full attention for the customer"

Lars van Heeren


Lars van Heeren is a result-oriented consultant, who is enthusiastic about companies with a special product or a unique service. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions. New assignments give Lars a challenge. “That’s the great thing about working at Crossminds. No project is the same, you cannot do anything on autopilot. Always full attention for the customer.”

An M&A process is a groundbreaking moment for an entrepreneur and therefore decisive for the further future of the company. Lars considers it a privilege to spar with the shareholders about strategic choices during the process. Since no company is the same, Crossminds always creates a tailor-made sales process. This also determines the added value that Crossminds provides.

Lars graduated in 2017 with a master’s degree in finance from Tilburg University. But he continues to learn. In 2018, he followed the course register advisor business succession and in 2019 he started the post-master course business succession within family businesses. “We have many family businesses in our clientele. We guide an optimal transfer to the next generation.”

Since joining Crossminds, Lars has overseen several successful transactions. From companies in agri and food to companies active in the automotive industry. “It is fascinating to stand next to the entrepreneur in the negotiations. Sometimes you think you are already there, but then it turns out that the sting is in the tail. It gives a lot of satisfaction if you get an optimal result.”

Lars gets his energy from successfully completing assignments that help the entrepreneur to take the next step in the life cycle of the company. In his spare time, Lars can be found in the gym to keep in shape.