'All progression takes place outside your comfort zone'

Levi Lindhout


Levi is a driven analyst, specialised in mergers and acquisitions, valuations and due diligence investigations. His interest in entrepreneurship makes him a good sparring partner. He is fascinated by the alternation between the intrinsic complexity and emotional aspects of an acquisition. No takeover is the same, each process requires complete focus from beginning to end, this is where the difference is made.

After studying Economics and Business Economics, he started his Master’s degree in Financial Economics, both at Erasmus University, and he is now in his final phase. After a few years of experience in accountancy, Levi started working at Crossminds in the beginning of 2022.

In the process, Levi has already supervised several transactions and due diligence investigations. This dynamic gives him energy. Levi enjoys being next to the entrepreneur all the way from the orientation phase to the closing.