Marco du Pré

Senior consultant

Marco du Pré is one of the seniors of Crossminds. He started there in 2003, took a trip to a company in jeans in 2014 and returned to the familiar nest as director in 2018. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions. “We have our own club within the company with great freedom to give substance to our work.”

The great thing about the work is the variety. “We work on a project basis. And every project is different. Different companies, different families, different dynamics. And every time the satisfaction if it is a success at the end of the process. As a CEO at a company you have much less experience. ”

Marco was trained as an accountant at PwC. “I worked there for all kinds of companies, from SMEs to multinationals. Lots of due diligence. Now I work much broader with my team, but I have learned to fathom organizations and draw conclusions. Our clients and the younger consultants in our team can benefit from that experience. ”

Building Crossminds and building customers’ businesses, that gives Marco energy. Making good deals for clients in small, expert teams. In winter he likes to go with the family to Austria or another wintersports area to snowboard. In addition, he does voluntary work for a foundation dedicated to children.