"Making plans is one thing, realizing them is another"

Marco Goovers

Senior consultant

Marco Goovers is a real client oriented man with an eye for the market. He has a broad view of all facets of business operations and can translate this well to the workplace. As (interim) manager and director within financial services, he has more than earned his spurs. He has put several companies back on the right track.

“I like to support entrepreneurs in making well-considered choices when faced with dilemmas. A lot is asked of entrepreneurs. It is actually impossible for them to master all facets. I ask questions, trigger, make them think and give them good insight. And I like to help realize plans. ”

Marco is analytical, critical, oversees the big picture, knows how to inspire others and is a good sparring partner for CEOs. According to him, people are the determining factor in change processes. Passionate and energetic, he knows how to win people over and encourage them to change. “Together we ensure that the company’s potential is fully utilized.”

Marco is married and has two children. He likes to play football, indoors and out on the field. When the weather is nice, you can meet him on his racing bike.