"Don't tell me something can't be done"

Michel van Dijk

Senior consultant

Michel van Dijk is an experienced consultant and former entrepreneur. He would walk through the fire for his customers. With sharp analyzes and a broad experience, he is an ideal sparring partner for entrepreneurs. When implementing plans, he oversees the big picture and is able to carry out in depth implementations in many areas. Due to his management experience he is able to enthusiasm the relevant department employees in the change process.


From recovery to implementation of strategy, he has achieved results in every phase of a companies’ lifecycle, in various industries. “It doesn’t matter which industry. Business operations are universal, independent of its league. ”

Michel gets energy from realizing the growth ambitions of his customers. He is strong in implementing ERP systems from a strategic perspective. He provides insight through management reports that are in line with the strategy of the company and has several successful turnarounds to his name.

Michel was born in Vlaardingen, but he has a warm heart for Rotterdam. He has consulting experience at PwC, one of the Big Four offices. Then he switched his career to line management. He worked at TNT in the postal and logistics market as M&A manager, CFO and CEO. With acquisitions throughout Europe, he contributed to the expansion of the company’s logistics network.

As a buy-in manager for private equity, he joined an international furniture rental company in the event sector. He contributed to the international expansion of the company. Important tasks were building a relationship of trust, negotiating fairly about the acquisition of the company and integration of processes, including the implementation of the central ERP system. After the sale of the company, he decided to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs.