"Growth is never a coincidence: create insight, experiment, adjust and win"

Mitch van Bovene

Senior consultant

Mitch van Bovene is an enthusiastic consultant who is an accessible and pleasant conversation partner for everyone. From the director of the company to the employee in the production warehouse. With his analytical skills, he quickly reveals the improvement potential. He does not hesitate to roll up his sleeves and participate in the implementation of the improvements and the realization of the success. Growing companies is his passion.

Mitch is born and raised in Rotterdam. He studied business administration and marketing management at Erasmus University. During his studies he was active as an independent entrepreneur. He guided and advised (starting) entrepreneurs on all aspects of business operations. After graduating, he continued his career at Henkel, a large multinational company active in the consumer products market. Here he fulfilled various marketing and sales positions.

Making a difference for SME entrepreneurs appealed to him more than being part of a corporate organization. In 2013 he therefore switched to Crossminds. There he gained a lot of experience with performing quick scans that map out the growth and improvement potential of companies.

Mitch likes to be actively involved in the implementation of the improvement plan. That way he can really make a difference for SMEs. He also has a great deal of experience in preparing management reports, optimizing business processes and implementing new IT systems. Always with the ambition and strategy of the company as the starting point and most important framework.