Nikki de Best


Since 2022, Nikki has been working at Crossminds as a Strategy Analyst, after gaining work experience at AFC Ajax and Rabobank. She combines this with her studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After completing her BSc in Business Administration, she hopes to finish her MSc in Strategic Management and BSc in Law by the summer of 2023. With both a strategic and legal background, Nikki is able to approach assignments from different angles.

The diversity that the different studies offer her fits with the complex assignments of Crossminds. “No day at the office is the same.” This challenge fits with her ambition to grow into an all-round strategic advisor. The combination of the complexity of assignments and the direct and honest culture is the reason why Nikki chose Crossminds.

Since she was young, Nikki has been spending her free time at the local football club, both on the field and along the sidelines on Saturdays and Sundays. In the evenings, she likes to have a beer with her friends in the local pub or a gin and tonic while cooking an elaborate dinner.