Peter Etman

Senior advisor/Interim manager

Peter Etman is an experienced former CFO/CEO with a successful track record.

Thanks to his extensive experience and analytical mindset, Peter is a valuable sounding board for entrepreneurs. He has a great understanding of business operations and has experience in process improvement, sales and acquisition of activities, strategic policy development, implementation of ERP systems, and setting up management information processes.

Peter is approachable and easily moves and communicates on all levels within a company. He quickly adapts to processes within an organization. He is reliable, honest, results-oriented, analytically strong, hands-on, and a creative thinker. Thanks to his open attitude, he quickly builds good relationships with people.

Peter makes the difference by using a healthy dose of ambition to make organizations better and more profitable. Reliable and relevant management information is the starting point.

Born and raised in Rotterdam, but living in Roosendaal for some time now, Peter started as a controller and worked for more than 20 years as a CFO/CEO at an international company. Peter completed the RA program and also followed a Postgraduate program in “Change Management” as well as Nima A and B.

In addition to his busy schedule, Peter taught part-time decentralized work colleges and conducted exams at the University of Nijenrode in the field of Administrative Organization and Managerial Information Provision for three years.

Peter is married and has three children. In his spare time, he is a supervisor at two schools in Special Education. He is an avid golfer and plays wheelchair basketball in competition with his daughter.