"Many know the price of everything, but only a few know the value"

Pieter Poortvliet

Senior consultant

Pieter Poortvliet joined DRV Corporate Finance in 2008. Before that, he worked for 13 years as an audit manager at one of the major accounting firms, where he was active in both the private and public (not-for-profit) sectors. At DRV, he focuses more on the market sector. “I derive a lot of satisfaction from helping entrepreneurs safely cross intersections in the business world,” he says.

Pieter studied accountancy at Nyenrode Business University. He then followed various further education courses, including at Erasmus University and Leiden University. In Leiden, he specialized as a judicial expert, and in Rotterdam, he did a post-doctoral course in business valuation. With this knowledge, he supports entrepreneurs in mergers and acquisitions and valuations. Since joining DRV, he has gained a lot of experience in this area.

“It motivates me enormously to help entrepreneurs further,” says Pieter. “I work across the entire breadth of the business world. This provides a great variety in the work. The dynamics of a deal and the kick when everything falls into place gives me a lot of energy.”

Pieter is particularly active in transactions, valuations, and financing issues. With his background, he is also called upon as a judicial expert by courts, courts of appeal, and the Enterprise Chamber.