Tim van Drie


Tim van Drie joined Crossminds as an analyst in December 2022, and he is part of the strategy team. He currently resides in the heart of Kralingen but originally comes from the Utrecht area. Tim moved to Rotterdam four years ago for his studies and has never regretted his decision. He has grown to love the city and appreciates the Rotterdam culture.

Last year, Tim completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and since the summer of 2022, he has been pursuing a master’s degree in Strategic Management at Erasmus University. He does not have a mediocre mindset and always strives to improve himself constantly, both in his personal and professional life, by being interested in everything happening around him.

Tim chose to work at Crossminds because he finds the culture of directness and honesty to be a good fit for him. In addition to the culture, the diversity of projects and assignments also excited him to contribute to this Rotterdam-based advisory firm on a daily basis.